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We have forgotten the age-old fact that God speaks chiefly through dreams and visions. -- Carl Jung

Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions. -- Edgar Cayce

Introducing Fran Kramer, A Spiritual Life Coach & Dream Mentor

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Addressing the Challenge

I provide one-on-one non-denominational spiritual life coaching that focuses heavily on dreamwork and intuitive meditation sessions. By understanding your dreams and how to proactively gain specific intuitive insight, you will be able to gain understanding on your actual well-being, as well as heal yourself from within. I also offer user manuals on intentional dreamwork and meditation.

Accessing the Healing

At The Healing Dream Garden LLC, you'll learn energy healing techniques to enhance your overall sense of well-being. I take the time to explain how healing works and how you can cultivate this healing energy and use it as you see fit.  I can mentor you how to use these techniques within the framework of your current religious beliefs.

Spiritual Interpretation

Focusing on your spiritual interpretation and working with the power of the body's energy field, as a trainer I can teach you to heal yourself from within by offering proven technigues.  These help you interpret your own dreams and intuitive messages. Telephone consultations with or without Skype™ are available for your convenience. For self-taught persons, I offer user manuals on intentional dreamwork and meditation.

International Association for the Study of Dreams™ (IASD) | Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment™
Associated Chinese University Women, Inc.™ (ACUW)

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Fran Kramer, Spiritual Life Coach, The Healing Dream Garden

With warm aloha from Hawaii,               Fran Kramer

My Story

Lead a healthier, happier life with the help of your own personal life coach from The Healing Dream Garden LLC in Ewa Beach, Hawaii. I use a non-denominational spiritual, faith-based approach for coaching, teaching, and public speaking that encourages you to work proactively with your dreams and intuitive meditation. My techniques improve and maintain the quality of your health and general well-being, as well as help you problem-solve and make choices that are in line with your deepest energies, desires, and life goals.

I am a spiritual life coach, writer, educator, and artist whose passion is using dreams and intuition to heal, solve problems, create, and explore the relationship of dreams to physical health and spiritual wholeness.

The Healing Dream Garden LLC grew out of my rich and varied life experience, education, and strong desire to help people heal and discover their spiritual strengths. I have been recording and working with my dreams for nearly forty years.  With a MA in Asian Studies (Religion & Philosophy) and from having lived extensively and worked in many cross-cultural settings, (Chinese, Japanese, and American, as well as local Hawaiian life,) I have developed methods that work no matter the spiritual background. As a result, my students have been Buddhists, Shinto believers, Hindu followers and Christians of various denominations.  I am in training to be an Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Hawaii. Also, I have taught courses on dreamwork, spirituality, energy healing and intuition at the college level, in churches and at community centers for a number of years. I am an Intuitive Heart™ Trainer certified by the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies.  Let me pass these skills on to you.

Contact me, your personal life coach in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, at (855) 636-2777 (Toll Free) or email me at info@healingdreamgarden.net for enlightening dream interpretation.  Please refer to my Policies and Procedures before booking a first consulting session.

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